Hi, welcome to SingingEgg.com

SingingEgg specializes in wholesaling non-branded consumer electronics at unbelievable prices. You get the same quality products without paying for the high brand prices.  We sell HD Media Player, Ebook, and Tablet PC and we’re darn proud of it!  All our products come with a one year warranty.

We have customer service via Live Chat.  Whether you own a small electronics shop in Brazil or are a Power Seller on eBay, SingingEgg.com is also your wholesale dropshipping supplier.  For your convenience, we offer several different payment methods including Western Union and Bank transfer.  Why give you so many options?  Because service and convenience matters to you.  So, don’t procrastinate.  Register an account with us today and shop with confidence. 

Why Buying from SingingEgg.com is Great!

    1.We offer customer service via Live Chat or Email.
    2.Price guarantee (we’ll beat any competitor’s price by 10% to get your order).  Just contact Customer Service via Live Chat, if you found a better deal anywhere else.
    3.No minimum order quantity requirements.
    4.Easy payments.  To learn more, click here.
    5.Easy return and exchange policy.  To learn more, click here.
    6.Power supplies and adapters to fit every locale.
    7.Custom device programming / configuration at the factory stage.
    8.Anonymous custom drop shipping service to any worldwide destinations.
    9.Worldwide returns handling from your retail customers directly to us (we’ll process your returns and credit your account directly).
    10.And many more…. Just join us now and enjoy your shopping.